Appetite for MORE chivalry???

Oh boy, it’s been quite a year.  Is it really that long since we posted?  Well the reason is some of us have been taking on rather important stuff in our own backyard and we’ve also been writing new songs…but we have something for you…

The new mixes of “Beautiful & Useless”, “The Green Room” and the live recordings of “Lament” and “I didn’t want to show you that I’d lost faith” are on itunes and all other online stores as of today…you can get them here:

So let’s see then…if we can produce you a new Club Smith record for 2014….time to pick up the keyboards…

New stuff

Read our interview with Counterfeit Magazine by clicking here

Read our interview with Counterfeit Magazine by clicking above

New picture? Taken by the resoundly sound guy Andrew Benge, for counterfeit magazine who interviewed us a while back – click on the pic to read the interview.

We should have posted it a while ago, but it tells you more about what we’ve been up to…we’ve been up to some new mixes  - this time on The Green Room, with Dave Bascombe and Lance Thomas.  A couple of uber producers.  I don’t mean they are German.

We’ve also signed to Sentric / Tri-Tone / Strictly Confidential for publishing which is really cool.  Sentric are a great company to work with and we’re lucky to share an international publishing stable with Editors, Vitalic, Goose, Andy Burrows, Tall Ships and Carl Barat amongst others, which is kinda coooool.

So here’s that new mix, whilst you’re listening we ought to write a new album? Ok…


Bonkers Mash-up facebook app. It’s bonkers…

OK, so recently we’ve been getting people to play new stuff live with us, and we’ve also been getting people to do new synthed up mixes of our recordings (another one coming soon…).   Now it’s your turn…

There is this game on facebook called songster – where you can remix our track “Beautiful and Useless” and mix it with loads of other tracks (including the immense Don’t fear the reaper by blue oyster cult).

Have a go here it’s right easy:

Club Smith on songsterAnd here are some mash-ups people have already done:

“Club the reaper”

“Slow and useless”

“Club Smith must die”

Beautiful & Useless via “do you right”


New Club Smith Video – Beautiful & Useless

Hi – you wait ages for one video then two come along at the same (almost) time…

Here’s a video for our new mix of Beautiful & Useless.  You can get that new mix here from 1st April (uh-oh) and you can get the whole album for not very much RIGHT NOW – see the right hand panel on this site or go to “Buy” page…we’ve update the links to the cheapest places you can get them…

Vijay and kaiser chiefs and our new single

It always seems to be a while before we post this stuff up…anyway, we’ve lots of bits of news…

…that video I’m on about below…that’s still coming. It’s pretty cool.

Big news, Vijay (Club Smith’s drummer) is filling the drum stool of Nick Hodgson of “that other Leeds band” Kaiser Chiefs. So the times they are a changin’, we’re not going to have Vijay for most gigs but we will have some excellent fill-ins, such as James Kenosha – one of the producers of our record who is joining us for our European gigs next months and some UK ones after that. James is a fine drummer, has played with us before and is outrageously handsome. ‘Nuff said.

We wish Vijay all the best, Kaiser Chiefs have been great to us over the years so we’re delighted our brother-from-another-mother is getting a chance to play some big gigs with them.  He’ll remain involved in Club Smith with writing new stuff and we’re setting up a revolving door for collaborations with us live and on new recordings…which leads me to our next single…here it is…with tasty mix action from Lance Thomas (Ladytron Producer) and Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode Producer)…

This will be out in the Spring, and yes it’s a total coincidence that the drums are quieter on this new mix…

Here is Vijay in action for us and them…


Our Latest Video + Support from PRS Foundation

PRS Foundation


Great News! The PRS Foundation (a grant giving foundation) has put forward a small grant to subsidise Club Smith and live Music.  Not only does this put us back on a sure-footing following our November tour it also means we’re able to tour again in 2013 and it additionally means we have been able to afford to make new live videos.  The first new one is a version of album track 6:  “I didn’t want to show you that I’d lost faith”.  We recreated the track at the Holbeck Social Club in Leeds with about 15 musicians playing parts, all live and filmed.  The video comes through later in January.

Click on the Logo above to find out more about PRS Foundation and how it helps music makers.

Here’s a sneaky peak from the live day at Holbeck, see what instruments you can spot:

Video shoot pic


Buy the Club Smith Album Now

Appetite for Chivalry – The debut album by Club Smith is out today! You can order the album worldwide now, from all the main stores and in your UK independent shops.

To order the album on mp3 from anywhere in the world click on one of the four links below:




You can also click below to buy the album on Jewel Case CD from 3 of various UK outlets that will deliver worldwide:

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