Not actually a bake sale as the title suggests but a Vinyl sale.  I just used that title to draw you in.  Top web marketeer me.

I was speaking with Ben the label honcho from Front Wall Records in Manchester who released our first single “No Friend of Mine/Young Defeatists” and among many things we discussed the rise in energy prices, and the recently projected rise in poverty levels.  This is a serious thing, so we decided rather than be defensive we’re going to move with the markets, give something back like when Jessie J retweets a fan…we are so noble…we are to lower the price of the Vinyl!


So here it is in picture form to entice you:

That’s a real person, that’s not us holding it as well.  I just found it on the internet so we’re clearly famous or something.

Anyway, this is now going to be available to buy for £3 either at gigs or from and you will get a free download code to download it too.

The downloads cost about £1.50 from itunes and amazon and what not so for a further £1.50 you get the downloads and the vinyl, which is rather sparkly and in limited supply.   That is like WICK.

We’re putting together some album tracks and going into the white rooms in York to live demo them…you can hear some of that in the background here whilst Neil and Vijay play with a peg. Yes a peg:



Video Shoot

The video for Call to Harm is on it’s way very soon! It’s a creation of video producer and good friend Andy Little. Last weekend i went along with Andy and actor Rob Myles to help out. We spend hours in the pissing rain on the Yorkshire Moors. It was one of the most surreal days i’ve ever had… if i explained why, i’d be reveiling too much about the video. Basically i can’t wait to see it when it’s finished! Here’s some photos to wet your appetite..



Sam’s in London, Vijay’s on some exotic holiday and Lee is busy growing prize-winning vegetables, so i thought i’d write a post.

Kendal Calling was last weekend, although it feels like aaages ago now, time must be flying. I have been having fun. Not really- my cars just failed its MOT (R.I.P Volvo) and today i was at the dentist getting my first ever fillings. Urghf. First thing i did when i got home was poor a half empty bottle of coke down the sink.

So, yea, Kendal Calling was ace! Thanks to everyone who came to watch us, especially the lady who made a valiant attempt to get on stage with us half way through-  great effort. Lovely to meet you and your mates afterward. Pretty much straight after that we packed down then Lee and I rushed over to see House of Pain. Highlight of the weekend was getting to meet them after their set! Boom shalakalaka boom! I looked “like a child meeting Santa” apparently. ha. Also enjoyed The Cribs, Young Knives, Beardyman, Mr. Scruff and Vintage Trouble – “Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke music” it says on their website, indeed they were.

Everyone at Club Smith is pretty excited about the plans that are being put into place for autumn- so keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the sound (i just made that up. it sounds real wanky doesn’t it?) Anyway i’m off for a late night skate with the Horrors Skying as the soundtrack. Trippy, maaaan.

Neil x


Soooo… Happy New Year! and a massive thanks to everyone who helped make 2010 such an ace year for us… onwards and upwards!!!

We spent new years eve together this year, i don’t think we’ve all been together on new years eve- maybe ever. We celebrated in style. Homemade Mexican (nice one Sam!)/mojitos/mulled wine/village pub/no water supply/disco train/vijay dancing in a duffel coat/lifting Sam competition/losing socks/left over fajitas/passing out. Great times:)

Dancing in a circle underneath a fire alarm.