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Well, every music website in the world is doing this at the moment, tipping bands and stuff so I’ve decided to (mainly because I can’t sleep) make a referral of some bands/artists of note. Note also, that these are my opinions only, not any of the other’s in the band (by band I mean Club Smith, I’m confusing things already):

Various Cruelties

Apparently this lot are from Leeds originally? Or lived there once? I suddenly feel somewhat isolated from the scene for not knowing soon enough. I’ll never be able to show my text on local music forums for much longer if I carry on like this. But, better late than never, this band have two AMAZING songs on their bandcamp page…and here is one you can play:

Everything just seems to work so well on that song. It feels like a classic, no?

The Naked and Famous

This is where I get derivative and lame, because various cruelties are banging about some blogs only at the moment which still makes me seem sort of on the cusp, but my next band have already been in the sound of 2011 poll for the BBC and you’ve probably heard them already…but they are WICK.

Paul Thomas Saunders

Holy crap, this guy is from Leeds too and I’ve heard lots about him but been too lazy or interested in my own reflection to pay proper attention. Look what I was missing:

Appointment in Samarra from Paul Thomas Saunders on Vimeo.

And something I don’t really like really…Brother

Some music press has been UP in ARMS about this band. I’m just confused to be honest.  If you have a listen to the song at the bottom you will notice they sound a lot like hard-fi.   It’s up to you whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  If you remember Hard-fi put out that album that said “no cover art” on it, and in fact had no cover art.  I believe this was a statement.  Well if you like this kind of hollow cry, aimed only to inspire uncompleted theories of rebellion you can’t really grasp at and articulate …behold brother.


The problem is they say they have opinions and stuff but we never get to hear them…they might be stated in the NME feature on the band this week so I might be being unfair. I would love to hear what they think about the changes to welfare.  I’m particularly upset with the 10% cut to housing benefit for people on job seekers allowance for over a year (what about the people made redundant in their 50s who may struggle to retrain for a start?)…maybe brother have strong opinions on the idealistic nature of the spending cuts.  Or maybe they just have strong opinions that no-one has any opinions.  I am too upset by this state of attitudinal flux we live in day to day.  Yes I looked up that word on the internet. I’m trying to appear cleverer than the laddish band that’s getting all the attention, leave me be.

Anyway, song’s pretty catchy innit…catchy and complete gibberish…

Darling Buds of May by BROTHERslough


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