New Single / More Gigs

Well, our new single got a play from Tom Robinson on 6music again last night.   I was confused to think it would be tomorrow what with it being early morning but I misunderstood that when the clock strikes midnight we are thus attending Sunday, so I missed it.  But tis on the iplayer fear not.

Anyway, you can hear the new single right here:

Call To Harm by club smith

Aggressive isn’t it. God we are SO angry.  Most practice sessions are ruined by outrageous outbursts, mainly because Lee doesn’t seem to understand the vital relationship between the sugar and the stir when it comes to making a good cup of tea. It makes my blood boil.  One day, he may learn, but until then the music’s probably going to be right knarky.

So, we’re going to be ridiculous busy now till the end of the year, which should take the edge off the ridicule I invite in other areas of my life.  We’re writing an album and then we’ll record it, and we’re also touring this single…which is out on 7th November on All Sorted !?! Records on itunes and ting.  It’s a record label we are very close to, the man who runs it drove us around on tour with Pigeon Detectives until we had to leave him in Bristol because of his suffering from absurd food poisoning.  We shoved him into a travelodge like a stray dog at the pound and then wiped down everything he touched with disinfectant. That’s love for you. Surprised he still talks to us.

Here’s the tour…we’re adding dates to it all the time…yeay!

New Single – first play

ey up,

First play of our new single “Call to Harm” is on tonight on the Fresh on the Net show by Tom Robinson on 6music.  It’s on at 1am, and you can listen on the Iplayer from tomorrow. It should be second song in, looking at the tracklist the whole show looks a humdinger. Get on it.

Here is a picture of me and Tom Robinson Larking around at 6music studios:

Immediately after this shot someone in the studio turned to us and said “You two are a real couple of cards” and in unison we replied “By Jove, indeed we are”.

That might not have happened actually but it was a great day nonetheless.

6music today

Steve Lamacq played us on his 6music show today. This is really cool for us as the recordings were only completed three weeks ago!  It’s on iplayer, and is currently the only place on the internet that streams anything from our new recordings in full…if you’ve got time you should listen to the whole show as it’s consistently ace but if not we’re the last song on…

By the way, I can report back that The Chapman Family are a RIDICULOUS GOOD LIVE BAND. I encourage you to see them soon if you missed us supporting them on Sunday.

Tom Robinson interview

We had a lot of fun on 6music being interviewed by 6music. I say we, I mean me, Sam.  It was just me. We’ve been so busy preparing for recording this weekend that we’ve not posted the listen again link…

but here it is!

You can hear us there for the next 3 days I think.  We’re on about 36 minutes in. bang!

Reading festival song on 6music Leeds song on bbc introducing leeds


check out the listen again for the next 6 days on the link below:

We’re interviewed and played at Reading festival on 1 hr 13 mins roughly on the Tom Robinson show, I (Sam) am going on this next week so keep listening!


Plus we got added to Leeds Festival Coverage, seems to be same recording (so maybe the first was in Leeds??? I dunno) at about 13 mins…here: