Vijay and kaiser chiefs and our new single

It always seems to be a while before we post this stuff up…anyway, we’ve lots of bits of news…

…that video I’m on about below…that’s still coming. It’s pretty cool.

Big news, Vijay (Club Smith’s drummer) is filling the drum stool of Nick Hodgson of “that other Leeds band” Kaiser Chiefs. So the times they are a changin’, we’re not going to have Vijay for most gigs but we will have some excellent fill-ins, such as James Kenosha – one of the producers of our record who is joining us for our European gigs next months and some UK ones after that. James is a fine drummer, has played with us before and is outrageously handsome. ‘Nuff said.

We wish Vijay all the best, Kaiser Chiefs have been great to us over the years so we’re delighted our brother-from-another-mother is getting a chance to play some big gigs with them.  He’ll remain involved in Club Smith with writing new stuff and we’re setting up a revolving door for collaborations with us live and on new recordings…which leads me to our next single…here it is…with tasty mix action from Lance Thomas (Ladytron Producer) and Dave Bascombe (Depeche Mode Producer)…

This will be out in the Spring, and yes it’s a total coincidence that the drums are quieter on this new mix…

Here is Vijay in action for us and them…


Our Latest Video + Support from PRS Foundation

PRS Foundation


Great News! The PRS Foundation (a grant giving foundation) has put forward a small grant to subsidise Club Smith and live Music.  Not only does this put us back on a sure-footing following our November tour it also means we’re able to tour again in 2013 and it additionally means we have been able to afford to make new live videos.  The first new one is a version of album track 6:  “I didn’t want to show you that I’d lost faith”.  We recreated the track at the Holbeck Social Club in Leeds with about 15 musicians playing parts, all live and filmed.  The video comes through later in January.

Click on the Logo above to find out more about PRS Foundation and how it helps music makers.

Here’s a sneaky peak from the live day at Holbeck, see what instruments you can spot:

Video shoot pic


Buy the Club Smith Album Now

Appetite for Chivalry – The debut album by Club Smith is out today! You can order the album worldwide now, from all the main stores and in your UK independent shops.

To order the album on mp3 from anywhere in the world click on one of the four links below:




You can also click below to buy the album on Jewel Case CD from 3 of various UK outlets that will deliver worldwide:

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New Video – Lament (Live)

Here it is! The official video for Lament…the first single from the Album “Appetite for Chivalry” (which you can buy below on limited run before it hits the shops in November).



We recorded it live at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds, an Edwardian Cinema.  Featured in the video are a bunch of other musicians we got in to make the recording an interesting thing with new parts and epic dynamics and what not. We’d be honoured if you shared the video with others…

Club Smith Debut Album – Appetite for Chivalry

The debut album by Club Smith is released Worldwide on 12th November 2012 through ASR / Tri-Tone / PIAS

It is called Appetite for Chivalry.

There are many online stores you can find the album on across the World. Click on the 4 below to get to the album:




You can also click below to buy the album on Jewel Case CD from 3 of various UK outlets that will deliver worldwide:




You can also buy the album on CD direct from the band in Digipak format and also with added extras.  These can be delivered worldwide.  Click below to have a look:



Artrocker Review

Yo, long time, no post.

Well we’ve been waiting for cool (cool to us?) stuff to post.  And here’s something, Artrocker came down to our London gig last week, and reviewed us…check it out below…

Sweet huh?  Seems like it’s great when we go to London right? Well guess what, we have another London gig! 12th June we’re coming to Buffalo bar in Islington, playing at 8.15 before Hey Sholay. Sweeeeeeet.

You know how googlemail puts targeted ads in the side panel? I don’t think it works, as mine has Holidays in Majorca, Leeds Carpet Cleaners, and Pensions. Fully sure I’ve only been up for cleaning my carpet this month. Step it up Google.

Interview – Vibrations Magazine


Well we’ve finished a nice little run of gigs off the back of the big tour in January, and confirmed a couple of great festivals (see the sidebar on the right), so all very exciting.  Last month we got interviewed by local Leeds magazine Vibrations…got some new pictures from the awesome Brad Pettman too, all on there…check out the magazine below:


ALSO…check out 6music tonight, Tom Robinson is giving us a play on his Fresh on the Net show…