Artrocker Review

Yo, long time, no post.

Well we’ve been waiting for cool (cool to us?) stuff to post.  And here’s something, Artrocker came down to our London gig last week, and reviewed us…check it out below…

Sweet huh?  Seems like it’s great when we go to London right? Well guess what, we have another London gig! 12th June we’re coming to Buffalo bar in Islington, playing at 8.15 before Hey Sholay. Sweeeeeeet.

You know how googlemail puts targeted ads in the side panel? I don’t think it works, as mine has Holidays in Majorca, Leeds Carpet Cleaners, and Pensions. Fully sure I’ve only been up for cleaning my carpet this month. Step it up Google.

Kaiser Chiefs tour diary part 2 – Guildford and Derby plus London


Club Smith in Derby - Picture courtesy of Sarah Abigail Bottomley

And so the tour rolls on, after Southend on Sunday we moved onto London to do our own show.  It was surprisingly busy and responsive for a London show, as such is the bustle of the capital we often fear being drowned out by people’s thoughts of getting ahead and what not. We also met a lovely bunch of people called Apple Eyes.

We then went to hit the travelodge.  However our rooms had been given away, apparently it’s standard practice to overbook by 5 rooms? I pointed and shouted at the guy whilst wearing an 80s mac and the angry Rick Astley routine seemed to work and he booked us into a hotel 10 miles away.  We got there and we weren’t booked in. We went back to the travelodge and he sent us another 10 miles away. We slept there and when we got up travelodge still hadn’t paid for the room. We were very outraged so booked into a spa.  If there has ever been a more middle class/middle aged solution to a problem on tour I’d like to know it.

Here are 2 of our comrades on tour. The man on the left is Will who does our monitor sound, and the man on the right is Dudley who is selling our merch and driving us.  They are both heroes of ours.  Will has no volume control on his voice and Dudley has no control over whether what he says is appropriate, so it’s a great combination.  One guy shouting all the time the other dishing out outrageous faux pas.


Guildford was great, as was Derby.  We’ve sold an outrageous amount of cds and vinyls on tour now. A guy with Kaiser Chiefs told us it was probably enough to chart, which is a bit nuts.  We still have time on the merch stand to deface a Jim Davidson flyer though…

New Single / More Gigs

Well, our new single got a play from Tom Robinson on 6music again last night.   I was confused to think it would be tomorrow what with it being early morning but I misunderstood that when the clock strikes midnight we are thus attending Sunday, so I missed it.  But tis on the iplayer fear not.

Anyway, you can hear the new single right here:

Call To Harm by club smith

Aggressive isn’t it. God we are SO angry.  Most practice sessions are ruined by outrageous outbursts, mainly because Lee doesn’t seem to understand the vital relationship between the sugar and the stir when it comes to making a good cup of tea. It makes my blood boil.  One day, he may learn, but until then the music’s probably going to be right knarky.

So, we’re going to be ridiculous busy now till the end of the year, which should take the edge off the ridicule I invite in other areas of my life.  We’re writing an album and then we’ll record it, and we’re also touring this single…which is out on 7th November on All Sorted !?! Records on itunes and ting.  It’s a record label we are very close to, the man who runs it drove us around on tour with Pigeon Detectives until we had to leave him in Bristol because of his suffering from absurd food poisoning.  We shoved him into a travelodge like a stray dog at the pound and then wiped down everything he touched with disinfectant. That’s love for you. Surprised he still talks to us.

Here’s the tour…we’re adding dates to it all the time…yeay!

Where to buy No Friend of Mine / Young Defeatists

Our double-A side single No Friend of Mine / Young Defeatists is out on ltd edition 7″ vinyl on June 6th 2011 on Front Wall Records…it looks like this:

You can buy it in physical form from the following shops…please do this, it would not only be awesome for us but it’s awesome to put money into independent retailers because they are well…awesome!


Crash – Leeds –   LINK TO WEBSITE

Norman Records – Leeds (Mail Order)   – LINK TO WEBSITE

Resident Records – Brighton –    LINK TO WEBSITE

Spillers Records – CardiffLINK TO WEBSITE

Piccadilly Records – ManchesterLINK TO WEBSITE

Reflex Records – NewcastleLINK TO WEBSITE

Action Records – PrestonLINK TO WEBSITE

Attic Records – York –   LINK TO WEBSITE

Diskery – BirminghamLINK TO PLACE PAGE

Soundclash – NorwichLINK TO WEBSITE

Love Music – GlasgowLINK TO WEBSITE

Banquet Records – Kingston Upon ThamesLINK TO WEBSITE


Ape – Tunbridge WellsLINK TO PLACE PAGE

Rough Trade – LondonLINK TO WEBSITE

Pure Groove – LondonLINK TO WEBSITE

Sister Ray – LondonLINK TO WEBSITE

It’s also available on download!!!

On pretty much every download website there is…but here are links to the big two…




New gigs: London/Leeds/York – supporting TSU in york+Hudds…

ey up.  have you heard boy band “The Wanted”‘s single “all time low”?  It features the lyric:  “When I’m standing on the yellow line, Waiting at the station, Or I’m late for work, A vital presentation”.

A vital presentation at work? In a song lyric?   The world must have got very boring for a band to make reference to a vital presentation at work.  It’s ironic the name of the song really, as that lyric is pretty much an all time low for cultural undertakings of the 21st century.  That doesn’t even make any sense but I’m leaving that statement in there.

Anyway before I let a rant get hold of me, I’ve some Club Smith gigs to announce;

Sat 13th November: A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds.  £3.  Last Leeds headline of 2010.  FACEBOOK EVENT

Tues 23rd November: Buffalo Bar, London. (onstage 9pm).  FACEBOOK EVENT £5 door I think. Tickets at

Thurs 2nd December: Fibbers, York. Main support to the Sunshine Underground.  VERY Exciting.  Tickets £12 from HERE – Get them fast there is no Leeds leg on their tour and they sold out the Academy last time in Leeds…this will sell out FAST.

Fri 3rd December: Tokyos, Huddersfield supporting the Sunshine Underground.

These  gigs should be so ace.

1:22 in…I’m not messing.



So England lost, bit of a bummer. But I’ve got some pretty amazing news that will lift you from the bubble of despair in which you reside….CLUB SMITH PLAY LONDON THIS WEDNESDAY!

Awww yeah, we’re playing at the Bull and Gate in Kentish Town this wed 30th June, and we are at least five times more reliable than Frank Lampard in international competitions.  This is just a gig near Camden so that fact is irrelevant but it’s important you know…

We’re onstage 8.45pm….and you can get in cheap with flyers that you can print up from this link:

WOO WOO! Forgotten about the football already? nope? seriously though we were never going to win this time around, can’t play as a team.