New Live review – the fly

Hey, last night we played Leeds and it was pretty rad. saw, mega amounts of people come to us, is nice to come back from playing to lots of people on other bands’ gigs to lots of people on our own. hooray!

Here’s a review from the Fly on our Birmingham gig with Kaiser Chiefs. you can read it online here:

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Brudenell Social Club 10 Feb Thanks To @cgleti

Nice stuff said nicely


Here’s one of the tracks recorded for our album, a bit of a mood setter/slow starter and all that. Get you in a laid back vibe, like R Kelly bump and grind before you knew about his behaviour.

Some blogs have said some really nice stuff about it…look!

” they are shaping up to give it one hell of a kick up the arse” – Artrocker HERE

Club Smith may hold the keys to the revival of British guitar music” – Music Broke my bones  - HERE

“the band have not been letting up, and steadily have been permeating across the online community sharing their love of The Smiths (really had to think hard about that one) cruising with The Maccabees-style guitar indie – and it has indeed got to the point where this foursome’s music can be brought to bear around their contemporaries…”  Killing Moon Records – HERE

“Beautiful & Useless remains firmly fixed on the RotD playlist after we were sent it last week. The chorus has proven unforgettable” - Record of the day – Today! – HERE - admittedly this is a different song…so completely irrelevant.

That’s nice isn’t it. There was one russian one but I don’t know how to speak russian…yet.