New Single – first play

ey up,

First play of our new single “Call to Harm” is on tonight on the Fresh on the Net show by Tom Robinson on 6music.  It’s on at 1am, and you can listen on the Iplayer from tomorrow. It should be second song in, looking at the tracklist the whole show looks a humdinger. Get on it.

Here is a picture of me and Tom Robinson Larking around at 6music studios:

Immediately after this shot someone in the studio turned to us and said “You two are a real couple of cards” and in unison we replied “By Jove, indeed we are”.

That might not have happened actually but it was a great day nonetheless.

Tom Robinson interview

We had a lot of fun on 6music being interviewed by 6music. I say we, I mean me, Sam.  It was just me. We’ve been so busy preparing for recording this weekend that we’ve not posted the listen again link…

but here it is!

You can hear us there for the next 3 days I think.  We’re on about 36 minutes in. bang!